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Dragon with Attitude

Greetings, my name is Bubbles, and I am a juvenile bearded dragon. My family got me from Pet Supermarket in October 2021, and I was handpicked by my mom. My family sometimes calls me "Grumpy Grandpa" or "Moody Man" because I have a slight attitude, but hey, I am a teenager so it's understandable. My family adores me and feeds me all the super worms, crickets and yummy homemade fresh green salads. I might be a little high maintenance, but I am very loved by my humans. I enjoy being outside when the temperature is warm and love snuggling in a soft blanket when being held. I do not like baths and one time I escaped from the sink so now I have to be bathed in the tub.

A few fun facts about me:

I wear my emotions on my chin, literally. My beard behaves similar to a mood ring, going black when I feel threatened or stressed. During these states, my beard can also expand and puff up

I have a third eye on the top of my head

I communicate with nods and waves

I like to be held and pet but also like my alone time hanging out on my basking rock or in my hammock

I brumate, like hibernating in the winter

I am excited to be a Tribe Rehabilitation pet and look forward to meeting all of you so we can become forever friends.

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