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Playful Baking

High Energy!

We are seeking unusually talented therapists with vivid imaginations who think outside of the box. We are an active group that uses movement and diverse sensory experiences to challenge children to think in new ways.  You will create and get messy.  You will be outside as much as you are inside.  You will get dirty and not just your hands.  You will get wet, you may get muddy! We play on the floor and climb on the walls, sing to the sky, and jump in the wind.  If you can roll up your sleeves and aren't afraid of a little glitter, come join our Tribe! 

ITDS on the job opportunity

Tribe is a clinic extension of Allen Therapy Services, PLLC.  ATS serves the birth to three population in the natural environment through the Early Steps program.  Becoming an ITDS requires logged time in a birth to five setting, which we can provide through Tribe.  Working as a Tech in our office can in turn provide you with the hours you need to reach ITDS criteria status. Make sure to read the Career requirements above because they will apply to you, too! 

Children in Indoor Playground
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Thanks for applying with us! We'll get back to you soon.

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Please select dates and times you are able to commit to volunteering. Only sign up if application has been approved, background check has cleared, and HIPAA training has been completed. Thank you!

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